Virtual D'zines


Circle Series
14 Artworks

Abstract art in circular forms.

11 Artworks

Geometric interpretations of natural landscapes and unnatural as well.

12 Artworks

Abstract flowers and positive vibes.

Still Life
3 Artworks

My first attempts at Still life art using mainly my imagination.

Custom Creations
12 Artworks

These pieces were done per request of the collector. The artwork is my abstract interpretation of their choice of colors and personal theme/word. I'm available for Custom Designs.

19 Artworks

A collection of colorful geometric shapes.

Personal Affects
5 Artworks

Art created from my Soul.

Kids Art
11 Artworks

These abstract art pieces were created especially for kids in various hospitals statewide. I have a goal to donate three pieces to one random children's hospital per 50 states.

Mixed Media
1 Artworks

These were created in various ways, either digitally or mixing marker on canvas with paint, or digital and sketch mix.

Painted Colors
2 Artworks

My first creations using Oil paint.

1 Artworks

Marker on canvas.

Colored Pencils
4 Artworks

I've been using Markers for over 30 years, these are my Very First pieces of art using Colored Pencils. I hope to improve with practice.

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