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Divided We Fall (2021)

18x24 in ~ Drawing, Marker


In 2010 it was suggested to me by a therapist at that time to avoid ALL news media due to my 'sensitivity'. I successfully stayed away from Any/All news coverage from 2010 up to my 50th birthday which was one day after election day 2020. As of election day 2020, I've become almost addicted to various news clips and some online channels on a Daily Basis. During the past five months I've soaked in news from around the world and obviously the United State's issues, to the point of leaving me 'flabbergasted' at where we've come as a nation, and as a people. I have to refrain from letting my personal opinions leak out because they would be considered by some to be 'unpatriotic' and would surely invite criticism and unhealthy comments. Do I feel America is the 'greatest country in the world?' No. This is the first time I tried to express myself artistically in this manner. As some of you know I'm Terrible at 'freehand art' so it's always been a huge challenge for me to create 'emotive art pieces' because I'm somewhat self-restricted with my tools. After experiencing what has been going on in our country most recently I was literally 'compelled' to create my own version of the American Flag. I guarantee not everybody is going to like this new piece as it differs significantly from my usual floral or abstract designs, tbh I'm not sure what I think of it myself. As a quick explanation, each 'wave' denotes a particular theme from the 'industrial age', 'computer age', the 70's and everything else that has made up this 'Experimental Democracy'.  Marker on paper, 24x18


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