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Added Mar 30, 2019

An Artists Perception

Recently I had a conversation with a fellow artist from Deviant Art regarding artists' perceptions of other artists. You see, I've been struggling personally with my particular artistic style...wondering if other 'artists' would consider my art...'art' based on the fact I'm NOT creating something freehand. Yes, I can color like a Mofo, but I have drawing issues haha. I rely on geometry and pieces of various templates that I put together while playing 'artistic chess' in my head, to create a larger image. Am I toiling over a large canvas mixing oils with my palette knife? Nope, I'm brandishing my PrismaColors as my art weapon of choice. I greatly admire artists who can create 'emotion' as that is something I'm trying to accomplish abstractedly...the artist I was chatting with does graphic art, and I admitted to him that sometimes I had a problem recognizing certain graphic arts as 'real art' meaning, I can even plug something into a fractal program and hit Enter. But...the fractal artist is still creating beauty from their soul, sharing something that they envisioned or accidentally yes it is 'real art'. I may not be considered a 'true artist' by some and my agenda of 'spreading color & positivity worldwide' may sound ambitious if not delusional, but I do offer something genuine...a Shared experience between artist and admirer by creating something especially for them using Their color choices and Their Is a challenge for me to interpret something that they would hopefully enjoy and be proud to share. So far I believe I've created 15 custom pieces for people and each time I am Truly Humbled that they are allowing me to enter their homes with my colors Being an artist is something special...we may not be the wealthiest monetarily but we provide an unspoken service..We illuminate...We fascinate...We anger...We provide a part of humanity. 


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