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Commission Art

I offer 'Interpretational Design Art' for anyone looking to colorize their surroundings!
The following pieces were created based on the client's choice of colors and personal theme. They then received the original art, mounted, matted and sealed in plastic along with my PayPal asking to be paid what the art meant to them. This is an exciting, challenging artistic service I offer, if interested please contact me!
This was designed for a cannabis farmer in Oregan who was looking for something 'mystical' with a touch of 'Fear and Loathing' mixed in. I created this colorful piece with the ever-watchful eye as he needed some watching over.
Off The Beaten Path
I met a woman at my friend's 50th birthday party who took a liking to my art. She requested a piece for her office, using greens and browns, that represented how she felt whenever she went on vacation. She always stayed away from tourists and explored on her own.
A friend from elementary school finally asked me for a piece. She wanted a little girl on an old swing under a tree with nothing else around, using greens, yellows and a touch of pink. She received this with the story of a little girl who was placed on the swing by her dad, under the watchful eye of a Red Robin.
Summer Swing
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